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Top Reasons to Be an Owner-Operator

Reasons To Be An Owner Operator Truck Driver

The truck industry is growing fast. Drivers are increasingly switching over to owner-operators as the financial reward is much greater.

Top Reasons To Become An Owner Operator

5) The sky's the limit.

As an owner-operator you have complete control over how much money you make. How you run your business and the efficiency of your operations will determine your financial compensation.

4) Executive Business Decisions

As an owner-operator, the only policy you need to follow is your own. You don’t need to follow another company’s policy unless you lease to them. You’re your own boss.

3) Picking Your Own Routes

You can pick any route and can pick any load. You’re no longer told by a company what route to drive by the carrier.

2) Tax Deductions

You get to benefit from tax deductions that company drivers don’t get to experience.

1) Flexibility

Your lifestyle is not controlled by a schedule someone else created. As an owner-operator you make your own schedule. You check out our other article if you want to learn how to become an owner-operator truck driver.

After you’ve become an owner-operator, the next step is to hire a truck dispatch company that can handle all your dispatching needs and keep your truck rolling. If you would like to do your own dispatching, it would be highly beneficial to take a truck dispatcher training course to get yourself familiarized with the industry and learn to dispatch. 


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