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How To Be A Truck Dispatcher From Home

How To Dispatch Trucks From Home

Post-pandemic, many jobs have been shifted to remote, cutting out many hours wasted in commuting, and working from the comfort of the home.

You may consider the benefits of working as a truck dispatcher from home, for a trucking company, where you can work with no cap on your income with a commission-based job. As a truck dispatcher, you are a point of contact between brokers, clients, and drivers. In order to do your job, you should be able to communicate and organize schedules.

In order to work remotely as a truck dispatcher, you will need your phone and your computer/laptop with internet service. This will allow you to perform your job duties as a truck dispatcher remotely, which is to locate, negotiate, and book loads for their clients. As long as you have internet service on a computer/laptop, you can open the load board and fulfill your truck dispatcher duties. You can negotiate then with a broker, once you’ve found a load that meets your client’s needs.

We teach the exact steps on what exactly is required to fulfill your duties as a truck dispatcher in our online Truck Dispatcher Training course, answering any questions you may have.

Now, once you’ve negotiated the load with a broker, you complete paperwork such as a broker carrier agreement. You can complete this paperwork remotely by using a PDF editor app and e-fax the completed paperwork to the broker.

Then, you simply wait for the rate confirmation, which will most likely be communicated via email. Then, you relay this information to your client/driver. Thus, your job is complete and you have successfully fulfilled your duties, even while working remotely. You can work from anywhere in the world, as long as you have good phone and internet service, allowing seamless communication between you and the parties to the transaction.

In our Truck Dispatcher Training Course we show you exactly how this can be done remotely, and you can live and make money as a truck dispatcher from the comfort of your own home, averaging about $1,500-$1,800 a week as a top-performing dispatcher for trucks.

If you want to learn more about How To Become A Truck Dispatcher, read our step by step guide we’ve created for you here

how to be a truck dispatcher from home


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